• December 3, 2020

Spotify Web Player is gaining a new feature

 Spotify Web Player is gaining a new feature

Spotify is well known for publishing its apps to almost every platform Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, Amazon App Store, Playstation, Xbox (Microsoft Store), Speakers, Cars and a Web Player. It is a great example of a platform agnostic app and enables you to choose any platform while never skipping a beat.

Today, Jame Wong on Twitter published the image and headline below.

“Spotify is working on Equalizer for the Web Player”. Jane is a reverse engineer to find hidden features and security vulnerabilities. The Equalizer seems to have a number of presets and customizing options. This is a welcome feature to the web player. It is an unreleased feature at the moment but is likely to become available to the public soon.

By Platform De.Central

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